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Brief Introduction of XG GLASS

Xingang Glass Co.,Ltd (XG Glass ) was established in 2007 and Expand Our Branch Company --Guangdong Xingang Phantom Glass Co.,Ltd (For Export Orders) in 2011.

And We invest our production lines in Tianjin City for High Temperature Ceramic Glass and Borosilicate Glass for Industries Useages .

In Commercial and Residential Areas , we specialized in tempered glass , laminated Glass , insulating glass ,Low E glass, ultra-clear float glass ,painted Glass ,mirror Glass ,Decorated Glass …for many commercial and residential projects or wholesales. We export raw and processed glass to many countries in the world.

Our goal is not only to provide high quality glass, but also to maintain a personalized and professional relationship with each customer. We will do our best to meet your demand, no matter how big or small order you required. Also, we supply prompt “after sales service” and support to ensure a smooth glass purchasing experience.

For Export Work , we always use GUANGDONG XINGANG PHANTOM GLASS CO.,LTD for receiving USD payment .

Why Choose Us? 

1) 13 years experience in glass manufacturing and exporting

2) Good Equipment and Superior Service

3) Professional workers and QC team

4) Good quality products and Create Value for Customers

5) Supply various of glass products which meet your requirements

6) Handle The Buildings Projects′s Glass Well

7) Safe Wood Crates Packing for the Glass


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+86 18664282485